Three Song Thursday

If you know me, you know that I love music. I love it all. I can listen to Salt n Pepa’s Shoop and then immediately hit some Lynyrd Skynyrd or Every Time I die. I’m partial to NO type of music, but prefer whatever sounds good to me at the time. I love to share music with other people and I love to hear what other people are listening to. I think I’m going to start sharing 3 songs that I’m listening to every Thursday (or try to). Hopefully I can broaden some people’s horizons and they can, in turn, broaden mine with their suggestions.

Vance Joy – Lay It On Me

Gregory Alan Isakov – Liars. Seriously one of my favorite songs right now. Isakov has a phenomenal voice and the inclusion of the orchestra only amplifies the song for me.
I have a love for heavy music. My home videos of me growing up are to the tune of Metallica and Megadeth with some Alice in Chains and The Offspring Sprinkled in the background. My musical horizons have expanded, but I’ll always love gnarly, heavy guitar riffs and a double pedal. Kublai Khan just released their new album Nomad and its excellent thanks to tracks like Belligerent. This is what I like to run to, or climb on my bike to, or head bang on my way to work to. If you don’t like heavy music, you obviously won’t appreciate this.

If you have any suggestions for me, please comment them below. I love hearing new music.

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