Three Song Thursday

It’s Thursday so I’ll share another 3 songs with you that I can’t stop listening to. Hope you enjoy!

Pearl Jam – Black

This is the unplugged version but it’s beautiful. Anything Eddie Vedder touches is gold and Black (in my eyes) is one of Pearl Jam’s best.


Knocked Loose – Last Words

I had the pleasure of seeing this guys last year when the opened for a band called The Acacia Strain. I was instantly hooked. Their album laugh tracks is phenomenal as well as their 5 song EP Pop Culture. Usually a band gets old to me after listening to them for a few months. It’s going on a year and half listening to these guys and they still give me chills.


Leon Bridges – River

The Fort Worth native has an angelic voice. I don’t have the vocabulary to accurately convey how his music makes me feel, so I’ll throw in a professional’s review. The following is an excerpt from a review done by Ann Powers of NPR:

“…the contemplative quality the band brings to gospel on the transcendent album closer, “River.” That song is another blatant tribute to Cooke — Bridges was reborn by the river of that man’s music, and he’s determined to give full and constant credit. But the sensuality of Bridges’ lyrics — “dip me in your smooth water,” he sings, “I go in as a man with many crimes, come up for air ” — are both deeply personal and connected to Golden Era gospel in a way that goes beyond mere posturing. The feeling Bridges and his band uncover throughout Coming Home may be “retro,” but the feeling is immediate, and relevant, and profound.”


That’s it for this Thursday. I hope you guys enjoyed the music. I know this week was all over the place, but thats a reflection of my musical taste.

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