Three Song Thursday

Pretty sweet custom artwork yeah? I did the bubble letters myself to celebrate my….second ✌🏻time being in Germany, I mean Deutschland, this year. It’s three song Thursday so here are my 3 songs:

Brothers Osborne – Love the Lonely Out of You

It’s country, but I feel like even if you don’t like country, you can appreciate the sound. TJ Osborne’s voice is deep and soothing. This is off their Brothers Osborne EP and I’ve known about this song for a while now but it never gets old.


Stick to Your Guns – The Sun, The Moon, The Truth: “Penance of Self”

My good bud Bryan turned me onto Stick to Your Guns. Their new album “True View” just came out last week and the entire thing is solid if you’re into the heavier side of the house (hardcore).

City and Colour – Northern Wind

A beautiful song. Dallas Green of City and Colour is one of my favorite artists and Northern Wind is probably my favorite song of theirs. There are studio versions on Spotify, iTunes, youtube, and all of that goodness, but there something about a live performance that I really dig.


Those are my 3 songs for the week. I hope you guys enjoy them and don’t be afraid to send me some recommendations.

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