BIG NEWS!! (It involves an off-road camper)

*Attempt #2 at this post since the one that published earlier was messed up*

[Mal] Charlie and I have some really exciting news! We just put down our deposit on a 2019 Escapod Teardrop Trailer. This decision came after we decided that we would prefer a trailer to buying a house. We pondered the idea of purchasing a house in the Colorado Springs area for over a year now. We wrote out our pros and cons list and had an honest discussion about what we really wanted, and what we wanted our future to look like. Unfortunately, this did not look like owning a house.


So how did we decide which trailer to go with? Funny you should ask. It started when we first met and we would lay in Charlie’s truck bed daydreaming of a life we wanted to live. Fast forward to June 2018 in Kamas, UT. It was my first mountain biking race ever (side note: I placed third…GO ME) and there was a company at the race venue showcasing their trailers. We had contemplated getting a Hiker Trailer, out of Colorado, but they had an eighteen month wait. After seeing the Escapod we knew this was the one. It was the perfect size for our little family, and had a large back galley for all of my cooking supplies. At the time they only had a three month wait but, we just couldn’t pull the trigger. So, here we are April 2019 and we finally, FINALLY, committed to purchasing an Escapod.

Pretty nifty

While there are many different add-on options for the trailer, here are the items we felt suited us the best:

  1. Two burner stove with propane tank
  2. Rhino Rack bike racks
  3. Spare tire and mount
  4. Welded storage deck
  5. Solar Power
Baby got back

Have you ever heard the saying, “patience is a virtue?” Great virtue in my opinion, just something Charlie and I never learned. This is unfortunate because we have to wait until next spring to get our trailer. Bummer, I know. In the mean time we are continuing to day dream of our future selves in our Escapod trailer and plan to enjoy our roof top tent while we still have it.

The tents been good to us.

[Charlie] Mal captured the feeling pretty accurately. We debated for a while about whether or not we wanted to get a house or, you know, something else. We just felt that with all of the traveling we do that we’d get more use and more enjoyment out of our little camper. We’re stoked about the decision we made and that’s really all that matters. So far, aside from the 1 year, brutally agonizing wait, the only con is our lack of patience. If you’re a visual learner, I’ll leave a sweet little graph below for your amusement.


If you want more information on one of these sweet campers, check out Escapod.

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