Seattle to Portland: surviving a 200-mile race in one day.

[Mal]Last year Charlie and I decided to go on a massive road trip to Washington to see my brother and nephews. While we were visiting them, we got to talking about Landon’s (my brother) Peloton bike. Let’s just say he is obsessed! Since we enjoy riding bikes, but can’t do it year round in Colorado, we purchased a Peloton bike as well. After surviving the winter and primarily riding the Peloton, Charlie decided to get a road bike to supplement miles. Being an avid mountain biker, he didn’t think he would enjoy the road bike as much..but he was wrong.  I had purchased a little Trek road bike nearly seven years ago and used it to commute back and forth to work. I loved riding my road bike, especially in Bay Area traffic. So long story short, we decided it might be fun to do a race on the road bikes.

While there are a million challenging and fun races in Colorado, we decided that we needed more than challenging and fun. We came to the conclusion that our first EVER road race should be at least 200 miles! Why in the hell would we do that? Well, ultimately we enjoy type three fun. If you don’t know what the different “types” of fun are, I will provide you with an illustration as seen below.

It is the end of April, and we are finally getting serious about our training for this massive race. Landon has been training for a while and has a few races he is doing before the STP (Seattle to Portland), and we are over here eating Zebra cakes and ice cream. Yesterday, we decided to do our first long ride. It consisted of nearly 3,500 vertical feet and 50 miles in the saddle. Initially, I thought to myself, “This won’t be terrible, it’s not a lot of climbing, and the scenery is worth it.” Boy, I was in for a rude awakening. We made it to the turn around point, ate a BoBo bar, and decided to head back. I was feeling pretty darn good by this point, and it wasn’t until the 20-25 mph crosswind picked up that I was cruisin’ for a bruisin’. By mile 30 my butt and you know what was numb. I had terrible neck and upper back pain, AND to add to this bullshit, my hands were going numb. Otherwise, I told myself I felt great!



Come to find out, I might not be as prepared for a 200-mile race as I thought. Good thing the race isn’t until July 13th! Plenty of time to amp up the miles on the bike and become dialed into my nutrition and preparation for this race.

[Charlie] How fucking cool is that cat? If that isn’t your spirit animal, I don’t want you in my life. I often get into a mental volleyball match (or badminton) on whether or not I’m ready to do this 206 mile ride. I know that mentally I’ll be okay, I just don’t know if my gooch is ready. For those of you wondering what a gooch is, its located below the waist but above the knee and it’s the spot that rests on a bike seat. If you’re that curious, give it a google. I’m also not prepared for the smell I’ll be emitting after the ride. On a scale of 1 to burnt hair mixed with baby diapers, I’ll be flirting with the baby diapers. It’s a good thing this blog isn’t scratch-n-sniff.

Just workin’ on my fitness. Peloton Information
You can also check us out on Strava at Malorie’s Strava and Charlie’s Strava

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