I Forgot to Tell You…

[Charlie] I guess in the time between when I initially stopped posting on this blog and when Mal and I picked it back up I forgot to mention a couple of things. When I was deployed in 2017 I was approached by Sara of Vasque Footwear to see if I wanted to be an ambassador. I told them that if they could wait for me to get back stateside I’d love to. Sure enough, they waited for me to return to the states and I was emailed the ambassador agreement. I just had to take photos (which I love doing) and they would provide my partner and me with boots/gear. I was ecstatic. I’ve always loved photography but I had never sought any type of recognition from it. I just took photos I liked of things I loved doing, the rest just fell into place.

Photo for Vasque Footwear

The work with Vasque was incredible. Everyone I dealt with was SUPER supportive and friendly and it made my work seem somewhat legitimate. I was approached by other companies on social media as well. I’ve taken photos of organic cotton towels, a guy’s history books, and Otterbox. Last year, I was approached by a member of an outdoor PR agency and asked if I wanted to take photos of their media event in the San Juan Mountains. My initial thought was, “hell yes!”, I would’ve done it for free but come to find out I was receiving a bunch of gear from outdoor brands as well as getting paid! I couldn’t believe it. I spent a week in August hiking around the San Juans (the mountains near Telluride) and made a bunch of new friends. I never wanted attention for my photos but here I was, taking photos with experts in the industry that I loved.

Smartwool socks

Fast-forward to early 2019. As I’m scrolling through my Instagram cough* @knarles_gage cough* I see that Osprey Packs is looking for ambassadors. I quickly submit an application and forget about it. They’re not supposed to announce anything until February or March. I go on about my winter, snowboarding and hiking/snowshoeing as usual. In early April I was in Virginia for work and I had just finished up a run. I was in my hotel room sweating profusely on the toilet and about to hop in the shower when I noticed I had a new email from Osprey. The first words were something along the lines of, “We would like to invite you to be an Osprey Packs ambassador…”, I didn’t even read the rest of the email. I called Malorie and dropped the news. I never thought I’d be picked. There are so many talented photographers out there. It might not seem like a big deal to you, but for someone that loves photography and the outdoors, getting recognized is really nice. I don’t have a huge social media following but it seems like people like my photos so that’s nice. Out of 400 applicants I was one of only a few selected and that really reaffirmed and rekindled what I was doing in the realm of my photography. I really just love being outdoors and having my camera on me.

Ambassador? I just take the photos.

This post isn’t for me to gloat, this is really all very humbling. I’m just stoked to be getting to work with such amazing companies. This past winter I had Backcountry.com use one of my photos on their social media account which was pretty cool. This wasn’t really anything super new to me, I’ve had a few photos used but the other night I was on the toilet (again) and I noticed I had an email from Backcountry. They were looking to send gear to some people to try out and they wanted me to participate. They’d be sending me some Topo Designs clothes and I’d have to review them and take pictures of them. Words can’t explain how awesome all of this has been. I’d really like it if, after you’re through viewing this, you gave my Instagram a gander. If you don’t like the abnormal amounts of dog pictures or it’s just not your taste, you don’t have to follow me, but it’d sure be neat if you did. I’ll leave this post with a picture of Malorie riding last night with her sweet new Osprey Savu hip pack on. Pay close attention to her face.

See what I have to work with.

This wasn’t my best post, I just wanted to inform you on some happenings as of late. Mal will probably have the next couple of posts since I’ll be gone for work.

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