Life Changes

It has been a hot minute since Charlie or I have written on our blog. So much in our life has changed in the last four months that I thought I would give a quick recap. Our last post was about our exciting trip to Washington to see my brother and his family, and what an amazing time we had. Little did we know right after that trip our future would be changed forever. I started school near the end of August in hopes of finishing my associate’s degree. I decided to tackle fourteen credits to help expedite my dreams of maybe going to law school at some point in my life. Meanwhile, Charlie and I were planning a fun backpacking trip that would allow us to traverse Four Pass Loop near Aspen, Colorado. We planned for three days to complete the route knowing we might not complete the loop but decided to try anyway. Mind you this was Labor Day weekend, so we assumed it would be a shit show, so we got up at 3am and headed West. We arrived at the entrance around 6:30 and the parking lot was already full…well shit. We decided to walk around Aspen for a bit, grab breakfast, and figure out our plan. After dicking around for a couple of hours we decided to take the shuttle to the trailhead. I was exhausted from the previous week of classes but felt optimistic that I would start to feel better once we started hiking. An hour into the hike I was miserable. I wanted to do anything else besides be on that trail. If you know me at all you know this is unusual behavior for me because I love hiking. I have done multiple fourteeners and backpacked all over California and Colorado. I assumed I was just tired and I told Charlie I wanted to set up camp somewhere and relax for the night. After only five miles in, we found a secluded spot with views of Maroon Bells. We took a nap then hopped up and went exploring. We ventured down to a meadow and witnessed some of the most breathtaking wildflowers.


Charlie and I spent about an hour looking around, ate dinner, then went to bed. The next morning we were greeted with frost and a nip in the air. We assumed our roles and I made coffee while Charlie tore down camp. Watching the sun crest the mountain top, Charlie said we needed to get our picture to capture the moment. He set up the camera and we took about ten pictures with him running back and forth to set the timer. He said we would take one more just in case so he ran back over, set the timer, and headed back towards me, except this picture was different. Next thing I know Charlie is on one knee asking me to marry him. I was completely shocked. My tongue could not form words and I stood there like an idiot. After asking me again I finally became conscious and said yes….duh, of course, I will marry you. It was perfect. I had no idea he was going to ask me, let alone present me with my mother’s wedding ring. I could not get over the fact that he wanted to marry me. ME! I’m crazy, I have a loud mouth that has a mind of its own, I sometimes forget to put deodorant on…and the list goes on and on. Why the hell would this perfect specimen of a man want me? Either way, I didn’t care. He was mine and I was his. We decided to head back down the mountain and just enjoy the day with family. Me being the obnoxious human being that I am had to announce to every hiker that we just got engaged. We got our picture taken on every switchback because I wanted to remember this moment forever.


I was in complete shock. He was so fast when he ran over that I initially thought he tripped.


The ring Charlie gave me in actually my mother’s wedding ring that my father gave her many many years ago. When he asked me what kind of engagement ring I wanted I told him all I wanted was her ring and my Granny’s wedding band. It is beyond perfect.


*NOTE* Those cute little red hiking pants no longer fit…

After the excitement of the engagement, we kept discussing when we would like to get married, where we would have it, and if it would just be a family event or something bigger. We established the minor details of what would be our wedding and decided to get married the following year during the summer. Fast forward two weeks when Charlie and I were deciding if he should apply for a position down in San Antonio. We figured it would be our safest bet because he would not be deployable for at least three years and maybe we could start a family. This decision was made on one of our Friday night dinner dates and the following day we had plans to ride with our friend Holly at Cheyanne Mountain State Park. We get up early Saturday, loaded the bikes, and headed to Holly’s house. Yet again I felt like shit. I was lethargic, moody, and out of breath even though I wasn’t doing anything. We started riding and I could barely pedal up the hills. It was absolutely pathetic. On what universe can I not make it up a hill? Charlie was behind me the entire time and all I could do was bitch and moan about how shitty I felt. My heart rate was in the 180s and at one point I was crying. What the hell is going on I thought. I never cry let alone on a trail… not even after breaking two fingers did I cry. Charlie said something and I turned around and snapped at him. I told him I was four days late and I was probably getting ready to start my period so leave me the hell alone. After riding the struggle bus we headed home. I relaxed the rest of the weekend and assumed the stress and fatigue was due to my enormous school load. Tuesday rolled around and Charlie called me on his way to work and told me he was going to put in for the position in Texas. He was concerned that I still had not started my period and wanted me to take a pregnancy test before he did. I assured him that I wasn’t pregnant and was simply late, but assured him I would take a test anyway. Well as many of you know…we are having a baby.


This picture was taken at the beginning of my 5-month mark… finally started to show!

All of the crazy mood swings and exhaustion had been explained. Charlie and I are both ecstatic to be having a family and cannot wait to meet our little booger. Our families and friends are so happy and supportive, and we could not have asked for a greater blessing. In less than a month we will find out if we are having a boy or girl. Charlie thinks it’s a little girl, but my “motherly” instinct thinks it is going to be a little boy. Only time will tell who is right!

1 thought on “Life Changes

  1. We can’t express what a love story this is in progress with baby gage on the way, what a blessing you two have lived so far.
    Enjoy every minute with each other because it goes to fast. Thank you for your writing, gramp and I are very excited for both of you.


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