Shit. Shit. Shit. Who decides to make a blog and then doesn’t know what to write in their “about me” section? Me. Thats who.

I’m Charlie. I’m in the Air Force and this lovely branch of the US military has brought me to the lovely state of Colorado. I love the state more than my job so I’d like to stay here. The goal behind this blog is to add some stories to my photographs. I think I see and do some pretty cool stuff and I’d like to share that with people. Am I a terrible writer? Probably. This won’t be politically correct and I’ll swear randomly on here. Sorry if you get offended…kind of.

I hike quite a bit. Im also a fan of mountain biking and mountain bike crashing. I love to climb as well and when the snow flies, I love to snowboard. Again, this blog is going to start off as a random, poorly executed extension of my photography and awful literacy. Hope you enjoy.

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