Who is this power couple whose blog you keep reading? What do the faces behind the incredibly well thought out words look like? We’re sure these are the questions you’re asking and we’re here to answer them. I’m Charlie and the other half of this dynamic duo is Malorie. Together, when we tie our reusable grocery store bags together, we combine to make Charlorie, the hard-hitting, poor grammar touting couple that make up this blog.

We met back in 2017 on top of a 14er in Colorado. I thought she was a lesbian initially but, funny story, she’s not. We’ve been pretty much inseparable since that day nearly 2 years ago and we’ve had a shit load of adventures in our short time together. We hike together, we mountain bike together, we snowboard together, and we threaten people who drive at a leisurely pace in the left lane together. Intimidating? We hoped so. We also have a portly little dog named Carson. She also goes by the following: meatloaf, dog, pork chop, schweety, and pum’kin.

DogsBirthday (2 of 5).jpg
I just want Mal to look at me the way Carson looks at this peanut butter cake. 
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